When looking at what I’ve termed “The Blended Screens” — the destruction of all the different ways that used to define what we were watching (it was a “movie” because it was shot on film and shown in a movie theater; it was a “TV Show” because it was shot on tape and broadcast by a TV station; it was “Home Video” because it was burned to VHS tape or DVD or Blu-Ray and shown on a machine in the living room; it was a “Web Series” because it was carried over the Internet and watched on a computer; etc., etc., etc.) — it becomes clear to me that THIS IS THE SECOND ‘GOLDEN AGE OF TELEVISION.’

MICHAEL R BARNARD PRODUCTIONS -- *Independent Story-making*

MICHAEL R BARNARD PRODUCTIONS — *Independent Story-making*

The barriers to distribution and access to screens have collapsed.

The barriers to high-quality production have collapsed (even Digital Cinematography is the excellent evolution of television cameras, since film lost the war).

I’m excited about the possibilities and jumping in with both feet. The new TV series I’m producing, INDIE FILM INDUSTRY NEWS, is just the beginning. We will be developing new, high-quality, compelling programs as best we can.

Indie Film Industry News

Indie Film Industry News

How you watch Indie Film Industry News or any of our other new programs will be your choice. Maybe you’ll watch in a movie theater, even, but certainly a TV or a computer or a smart phone … or a pair of special eyeglasses, or a new wristwatch.

When you watch new programs will also be your choice. They will be published online and always available for you to watch whenever you want to. There will no longer be “appointment TV” for most programs. Even movie theaters, using satellite delivery on demand and social media platforms allowing audiences to program their own movie screenings, will slip out of the bonds of many schedule constrictions.

Watch what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, even if there are just a handful of you and your friends who are fans of the program.

The second ‘Golden Age of Television.’ This is pretty exciting. The first golden age was in the early 1950s when television was new and fresh and everybody wanted to find exciting new ideas for the new medium. That’s where we are once again.

I’m excited and going to make these new programs and publish them and try to achieve some really interesting stuff that you will want to watch.

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