My Bumpy Road Through “Hollywood” — PASSION

Once in a while, maybe once in a life, a person can become consumed by a passion project.

That’s me.

My passion project is EVERYBODY SAYS GOODBYE–The Story of a Father and Son, which will be a powerful indie motion picture, a thriller drama.

By the way, throughout August I am raising funds to make an award-winning comedy short film.

Investigate “The MURDER of James Dean“!

Details at

It’s a story about prejudices that tore apart a family. It tells how a man must come to grips with his wrong actions and do what is right.

If you threw your teenage son out of your home and he later was killed on the streets, would your heart still beat? Could you still breathe?

Sometimes in life, that realization comes too late.

John Kelly is now in that situation.

Someone is killing the boys of the streets of Hollywood and John has discovered that his son may have been a victim. Everything he has done wrong now comes crashing down on him. He must find his son, entering the abyss of street life in Hollywood, not even knowing if the boy is dead or alive.

This ain’t Tinseltown.

EVERYBODY SAYS GOODBYE–The Story of a Father and Son is about the consequences of a man’s prejudice, pain, and poor judgment. He discovers the terrible circumstances of the boys who live on the street because their families threw them out of their homes for being gay.

A key line from the script is:


A man’s character, it sometimes gets
hidden by a wall of pain and mistakes.

The setting is the bleak and disturbing world of teenage male hustlers on slimy Hollywood streets in 1998.

John is thrust into this world where he must change his life and his thinking in order to find and save his son.

This motion picture will be theatrical quality. We will produce the most efficient and cost-effective movie possible, but not the cheapest. The story is complex, the requirements for producing the movie are high.

The goal is a movie that moves, inspires, and entertains people.

Production is expected to begin this fall, funded by accredited partners acquainted with the producers and the project’s production budget of about $1 million.

The website for EVERYBODY SAYS GOODBYE–The Story of a Father and Son is at

MICHAEL R. BARNARD | IMDb | LinkedIn | Resume

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