In any creative endeavor, BRAINSTORMING is an important activity. This is especially true in the indie film biz, which is going through upheaval and none of the players or observers has a clear image of what lies ahead, much less how to plan for it. There is tremendous opportunity in front of us, but there is no clear business strategy for any of us.

Enter BRAINSTORMING. If you’re lucky enough to put together an ad-hoc group for a strategy team, you need to exercise brainstorming.

Here are points to keep in mind:

1. Build an atmosphere of teamwork and collaboration among Strategy Team members.
2. Build the attitude that this is a great opportunity for each Strategy Team member to make a difference.
3. Encourage and train ourselves in “idea generation.”
4. Clearly identify individual problems.
5. Encourage input that exceeds perceived boundaries.
6. Allow ideas to percolate within the Strategy Team before assessing them.
7. Avoid feeling threatened by ideas that challenge current thinking and tasks.
8. Strategy Team members know they have influence over what is done with the ideas
9. Include potential follow-up plans as Strategy Team members brainstorm.
10. Evaluate the output after the brainstorm session.
11. Consider champions from among the Strategy Team members who are committed to success of the idea.
12. All Strategy Team members assume accountability for results.
13. Stay in contact with all Strategy Team members.
14. Let some time elapse between brainstorming sessions on a given problem.
15. Document and distribute the output of the session to the Strategy Team members in a timely manner.
16. All wins, big or small, are worth celebrating.

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