Prop 8 was an attack on a specific group, denying rights the State had already seen as a given. What if the attack was on YOUR group? Think it couldn’t be? If your heritage is African, Asian, native American, Hispanic, or if your gender is female, or if you’re under 21, you have had the same type of denial of rights brought against you by ‘the voters.’ And in our lifetimes, many of these groups were excluded from voting, just one of the denials of rights that the public felt were appropriate. Usually with a religious basis, something I personally thinks offends God.

Whose marriage was threatened by someone else’s gay marriage? What percentage of the 50% divorce rate is attributed to that?

If marriage does not ever evolve, at which point does society fix “real” marriage at?
When love was irrelevant and parents arranged it?
When husbands could kill wives for honor’s sake? (Many believe this in many countries today.)
Should procreation be mandatory? (The Catholic Church leans this way today.)
When divorce was illegal? (Again, the Catholic Church leans this way today.)
When men could have many wives? (The Mormons have to fight amongst themselves over this issue today.)
When wives were chattel? (This is still the standard in many countries today.)

People won’t pass a Prop to have housing or healthcare, but petulantly pass a Prop to deny the right to be in love. It’s a knee-jerk reaction to fear of change. A fear that is unfounded, as every superficial attack on every group has always been.

The status quo is NOT holy. Society, rightly, evolves. That’s what God has always set before us.

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