What is Twitter?

The evolution of the Internet is thus:

BBSs begat AOL and died. AOL begat Social Media (first offspring: Friendster) and died. Friendster begat MySpace and died. MySpace begat Facebook and died.

Elsewhere, Personal Journals begat blogs and died. Blogs mated with Social Media and Cell Phone Texting, mutating into “micro-blogs” (first offspring: Twitter).

Both Twitter and Facebook are at this moment thriving, but they have now mated with each other and both will, as all do, die soon. In Internet time, which takes weeks for evolution (rather than eons in calendar time e.g., dinosaurs), both Twitter and Facebook are now “over the hill” and will soon be eclipsed by the next mutation, which right now is only known to a few intelligentsia, whom we normal people cannot hear.

In the early part of the next decade, we will recall Twitter and Facebook as “quaint memories,” just as we now do with Friendster and the early attempts of newspapers to go online with proprietary text-only offerings.

Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time

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