Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

Today to celebrate the inauguration of President Obama, I attended a celebration at the African American Museum in Fresno.

It was exciting to see the large group of people there, and it seemed that every race and creed was represented. But, of course, the most excitement seemed to come from the African Americans, who expressed unbridled enthusiasm about the significance of America’s black president.

And then soloist Jackie O sang the Star Spangled Banner.

It suddenly hit me, for the very first time because of the group of people assembled, the tremendous significance to the last line of the song, “THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE”

I was tremendously humbled to realize that this is indeed the land of the free, but when, for too many and for too long, some were NOT free, it has always been the land of the brave. I was overwhelmed with the realization how brave African Americans have had to be; so brave that even when they were not free, and even when they were “free”, they bravely believed that “tomorrow” would someday come. Someday… maybe tomorrow… we will have new hope and equality.

And today… “tomorrow” arrived. Their bravery was honored by all citizens.

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